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Company Update - 28/04/2020

During this period our factory is still manufacturing but remains closed to the public.  

If you wish to contact a member of our team regarding current or future projects please email [email protected]

Casement Windows

Casement windows were the most common type of residential window before the Sash and Case window was introduced. The traditional style of a Casement was usually hinged one side and opened inward, with small panes of glass bonded together using lead.


Over the decades, the Casement window has been adapted for modern demands; incorporating draught seals, larger pane sizes, double glazing, improved hinge hardware, multi point locking mechanisms, and child safety options.


Over rebated storm Casements; have a lip overlapping the sash opening around the Casements frame, this adds additional protection against the elements. This style of window opens outward using friction hinges.


Our custom made timber Casement windows are suitably versatile and will complement any style of property.


Fully Reversible Windows

Fully Reversible windows are a reasonably modern design.  They are similar to the Casement window in appearance but have one major advantage in cleaning and maintenance as the sash can be completely turned inside out allowing easy cleaning of the exterior glass without effecting or intruding into the interior of your room.


The fully reversible ironmongery has two preset secured opening points allowing additional ventilation.


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