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Company Update - 28/04/2020

During this period our factory is still manufacturing but remains closed to the public.  

If you wish to contact a member of our team regarding current or future projects please email [email protected]

Glazing Options

Single Glazing

The traditional glazing option is now solely used in category listed buildings. We glaze our single glazed windows and doors with either 4mm or 6mm float glass depending on the pane size and secure with putty.


Double Glazing 

If you live in a modern property or a conservation area, you can use heat retaining double glazed units with argon gas and low emission coatings. All of our double glazed windows and doors come with this option as standard but you also have the option of krypton gas lowering again the centre pane u-value.


Average Overall Thickness: 20 milimeters

Double Glazing Makeup: outer pane / gas cavity / inner pane

Average Unit Site Line: 12 milimeters

Secured With: timber angled glazing beads


Heritage Slim Double Glazing

This slim double glazed unit is a brilliant compromise for owners of listed buildings who wish to benefit from modern advantages of double glazing. With its low profile seal these double glazed units can be discreetly glazed into a single glazed astragal and retain the appearance of the original single glazed window.


Average Overall Thickness: 12 or 14 milimeters

Double Glazing Makeup: outer pane / gas cavity / inner pane

Average Unit Site Line: 8 milimeters

Secured With: traditional putty or timber angled glazing beads



Glass Types

Stock Glass

Standard stock glass types are readily available from our glass supplier such as clear float, laminated glass and patterned glass with the majority of these glass type can be used in the makeup of double glazed units.


Patterned and Textured Glass

We would recommend that you have a look at the pilkingtons website to view all their patterned and textured glass type and take note on the privacy rating for each one.

Guidelines and Advice

Safety Glass - Windows and Doors

This must be used in all glazed doors. Windows or fixed panes that measure from the internal floor level up to 800 millimetres to any glass have to safety panes as well. This is also applicable to over sized panes.


Safety Glass - Conservatories, Skylights and Roof Lights

If you are choosing single glazing we would recommend either georgian wired glass or laminated glass in regards to double glazed units we would recommend a combination of both safety glasses with the outer pane being toughed to reduce the chance of breakage and the inner pane being laminated glass so if the toughened does break the laminate glass should retain its shape even if it does crack preventing any debris entering the property and within reason weather tight.

2892194622_5763cb1f00_o broken_glass georgian-wire-cast

Broken Laminate Glass

Safety and Security Glass

Laminated glass is commonly used in roof lanterns shop fronts and doors. This is because of its added safety and security applications over toughened glass. Laminate glass is simply two pieces of stock glass held together by either a clear or opaque plastic membrane. So if the glass is broken it merely cracks but still retains its shape even after a significant impact.


Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is commonly used in windows, doors, table tops and has also became popular as painted splash back. Toughened glass is five times stronger than standard glass, it has to be cut to size / template before the toughening process is started. Once the panes of glass have been heat treat they then can be used in there desired application including double glazed units.


Georgian Wired

Georgian wired is a traditional and yet still popular safety glass, it comes in two different styles rough cast and clear, the clear type is also known as pilkington pryoshield which has been tested and assessed as a 30 minute integrity fire resistant glass. Georgian wired glass is generally used in offices, schools to glaze internal windows, doors and screen.  It is also common in single glazed skylights and roof lanterns.

pilkington-contora_lb pilkington-oak_lb pilkington-stippolyte_lb

Broken Toughened Glass

Georgian Wired Glass

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