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Individually manufactured to your specifications

Company Update - 28/04/2020

During this period our factory is still manufacturing but remains closed to the public.  

If you wish to contact a member of our team regarding current or future projects please email [email protected]


Glass and Glazing Type


Single Glazing

We can manufacture windows that a been glazed with either standard clear annealed glass as well as patterned, textured and opaque glass. Safety and security glass is also available options. Each pane of glass will be cut individually to size and secured into the solid astragals  using traditional putty or timber beads.


Heritage Double Glazing

Traditional glazing check and solid astragals in the sashes with the added benefit of double glazing. We can manufacture sash and case windows with heritage slim double glazing, this style of double glazing is considerably narrower than conventional double glazing with a 8mm sight line (seal around the edge of the unit). that sits neatly into the astragals glazing check. The preferred overall thickness of the unit is 12mm which would incorporate 4mmouter pane / 4mm argon cavity / 4mm inner pane with low emission coating. (These units may also be made with a6mm cavity). We can secure the heritage slim double glazing with either traditional putty or angled timber glazing beads.


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Sash and Case Windows

Traditional timber Sash and Case windows have been one the most predominant window style in Scotland since the late 17th Century. This window design is simplistic in operation and is generally low maintenance. Even over the last 400 years the general design and appearance of this window hasn't really changed, the only  discreet changes have been made to suit modern requirements such as adding draught seals and increasing the glazing check to allow the sashes to be suitable for double glazing.  


All our Sash and Case Windows are manufactured in a dedicated, production style workshop, by a highly experienced team of Joiners. who can manufactured windows in either boxed, angled and curved styles, suitable for single glazing, double glazing and heritage slim double glazing. We provide all our customers with superior quality, made to measure sash and case windows, which have been specifically manufactured to your requirements and specifications.


We provide all our customers with superior quality, made to measure sash and case windows, We have designed and invested in specialised tooling that allows us to replicate any sash and astragal moulds as well as sashes having superior stronger shoulder joints.

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Top Sash Pulleys

The top sash pulley system is usally

install on lager sash and case windows.

This hardware allows you to

open the top sash easliy

with the use of sash cords.


Standard-curved-wheel-pulleys1 Standard-sash-ring1-300x300 Standard-sash-ring1-300x300 1-2-x-4-solid-brass-round-head-screws-12-pk-code-3 1-2-x-4-solid-brass-round-head-screws-12-pk-code-3 Baton-rod-screw1-300x300 Cord-clutch1-300x300 Cord-plug1-300x300 Baton-rod-screw1-300x300 pdf-icon


Our Timber Sash and Case Window specifcation sheet

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Titon - Recessed Vent

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Basic Ironmongery


All of our Sash and Case windows come with 'basic' ironmongery this includes Pulley Wheels, Locking Fitch Catch and Ring Lifts in a brass finish as standard although you can also choose from Satin Chrome or Polished Chrome

Simplex Kits (Easy Clean)


You can add easy clean Simplex Kits to windows that have access issues or are above ground floor where cleaning is required from the inside to comply with building regulations

Security and Child Safety


Weekes Stops an additional security feature which we also class as a child safety catches  which can easily be put in and taken out of the locked position as there is no key required. The weekes stop is fitted flush into the top sash of a sash and case window and

when it is in the "locked position the bottom or top sash can only be open a few inches to provided any room with secured ventilation

Brass Weekes Stop - Copy Flat-sash-eye1

Top Sash Eye and Pole Hook


Sash top eyes are fitted flush into the centre of the top sash. This simple piece of ironmongery alongwith a pull

hook (sold sperately) you

pull and push your top sash

open or closed easily.

Timber Options


Our customers most popular timber choice is redwood, we manufacture our windows from the highest quality timber available, the pulley styles are produced from a part of the tree known as the sideboards. These cuts of the redwood tree are low in timber knots and shakes in the redwood improving sash and case windows stability. Redwood windows will last a lifetime if the are cared for properly.


Some clients also prefer to have their windows manufactured with a redwood case and sashes but upgrade the case sill and sash bottom rail to meranti hardwood.


We can also manufacture from other types of timber such as Douglas Fir and Oak.

Trickle Vents


We use a recessed trickle vent which sits flush within the timber of the top sash when closed. Outwith building regulations we would generally recommend trickle vents to be used in house hold areas such as

Kitchens and Bathrooms areas, where ventilation may be required.


Double Glazing

Retaining the traditional appearance but increasing the glazing check in the sashes allows us to manufacture sash and case windows with heat retaining double glazed units with a 12mm slight line (seal around the edge of the unit). The preferred overall thickness of the unit is 18mm which would incorporate 4mm outer pane / 10mm argon cavity/ 4mm inner pane with low emission coating. To replicate the astragal detail of the sash windows we use a combination of back to back spacer bar and plant on astragals. This gives the illusion of individual panes of glass and is secured with angled bead.


Staind Glass

We can carefully remove your original stained glass and seal it within your new double glazed unit. Respectfully maintaining the original appearance of your property whilst adding the heat retaining benefits of modern glazing.

2014-05-16 13.01.07 403726_0_1 Victorian-sash-handle1

Sash Horns


Some sash and case windows have decorative Sash horns situated on the exterior of the window at bottom corners of your top sash, we can manufacture new sash and case windows matched to your existing horns, or make a different style of your choice.

Timber Section

Other Ironmongery


Sash Bars

Sash Bars are used in place of Ring Lifts, these are more suitable on large

windows are commonly

used on bay windows